Professional Courier Services

Netazen Courier Services

Netazen courier services provide safe, prompt and reliable delivery services specializing in documents for recording, title searches and more.

Whether you need to schedule a time-sensitive delivery or you need same day service, Netazen is committed to offering the flexibility your business requires.

Courier Hours:
Monday - Friday
8:30am - 4:30pm

(716) 489-7148

Courier Driving Routes Fee*
Jamestown Mayville $35.00
Jamestown Dunkirk $45.00
Jamestown Fredonia $45.00
Jamestown Westfield $45.00
Jamestown Little Valley $45.00
Jamestown Ellicottville $55.00
Routes w/Additional Stops Fee*
Jamestown Mayville w/stop in Chq. Institution $45.00
Jamestown Dunkirk w/stop in Mayville $55.00
Jamestown Fredonia w/stop in Mayville $55.00
Jamestown Westfield w/stop in Mayville $55.00
* Checks can be made out to your courier's name.

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